With a variety of kayaking disciplines come a variety of different competitions. The annual Varsity event against Cambridge includes a white water race, freestyle, marathon, and canoe polo competitions.

We also take part in two of the BUCS competitions against the other UK universities: the white water race takes place at the end of November, and BUCS Canoe Polo (famed for more than just the kayaking) takes place around Easter time. BUCS isn’t the only Canoe Polo tournament that takes place…the ball wielding lot are always away playing in tournaments which you can find out more about here.

If freestyle and/or having a fun weekend are your thing then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the National Student Rodeo (NSR homepage). This takes place every year the beginning of March at HPP White Water Course near Nottingham and is technically a freestyle competition. No prior freestyle experience is necessary: there are beginner, intermediate and expert categories so you’ll be pitted against those with similar skills. But, there is more to NSR than just the freestyle- it is a great opportunity to meet other paddlers and have a fantastic time partying in fancy dress (time to put the BOP costume making skills to good use).

Cuppers are inter-collegial sports competitions. In Trinity term we organise a little polo tournament on Port Meadow. If your College wins you even get a little Trophy, and since it’s normally sunny we often have a BBQ too. This is a great chance to drag a group of your friends and show off your kayaking talent, and the scoring system is designed to take experience levels into account.