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The OUCKC shed on the riverbank of the Thames is being demolished in July 2015. Our current location is ideally suited to the needs to the club, offering ideal conditions for flat water and canoe polo training, and a nursery for practicing vital white water and freestyle skills.

We now have an opportunity to remain in our current ideal location if we are able to raise £20,000 for the development of a new multi-purpose kayaking and rowing facility in partnership with the Keble College Boat Club. The new development would provide OUCKC with toilet and kitchen amenities, and a greater volume of space to store boats and other equipment. We see this development as the perfect opportunity to expand our membership and enable new opportunities such as the hosting of canoe polo tournaments.

Proposed ShedIf you are able to donate please use the official University of Oxford donation page to make a donation. All donations are tax deductible and can be anonymous if you so wish.

The club will be organizing a range of exciting activities and events to raise awareness and funds for the new boathouse. Please check back here regularly for news and events, join our mailing list, or Facebook group to stay in the loop.

Thank you for your support, and remember it’s better when it’s wetter!

Anja MizdrakAnja Mizdrak
OUCKC President