Mailing Lists

One of the best ways to keep up-to-speed on what we’re up to is to join our mailing list! This is where we send out all of our news, as well as session announcements and sign up links.

This is our primary method of communication and all members are encouraged to join. Anyone is welcome to join the list, including members of the public or those only casually interested in joining the club. Traffic on the list is kept to a minimum, usually a single email a week during term time announcing club trips and events for that week.

To subscribe yourself to the main mailing list send an email to:

You will be sent a confirmation request, and one you reply to it, a message confirming that you are a subscriber.

We also have a Facebook group and an Instagram account! Our Whatsapp group is a great way to bring up any questions you might have and to have a casual chat with other members of the club – just drop us a message to get the join link.

If you have any problems email: