Thanks to everyone who came along at the weekend, we had a great run of sessions and I hope all the new people are keen to come again. Remember to look at the term card in the email last week to stay ahead of events for the coming term. This week, we have the following:


  1. Cake and Drinks, Thursday (15th) 8.30pm Teddy Hall Bar
  2. Come and Try It sessions at Port Meadow on Sunday
  3. Freshers’ Trip Sign Up – OPENS SUNDAY
  4. Marathon session – Falcon Canoe Club at 7am on Friday
  5. Membership




  1. Cake and Drinks, Thursday (15th) 8.30pm Teddy Hall Bar

Show off your baking or just come and scoff cake and get to know the kayakers a little better. Stick your name (and if you’re baking, what you’re bringing) down here if you’re coming so we have an idea of cake-to-person ratios: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qziSdKBnS_7NRcf59xuAEW68-k98ChzlFXiksJlxz0g/edit?usp=sharing. There will be someone at Teddy Hall Porters’ Lodge (which is on Queens’ Lane, just off the High St) ready to let you in at 8.30pm. If you’re late, post on the FB group and someone will come out (hopefully without you having to wait too long) or very very nicely ask the Porters.



  1. Come and Try It sessions at Port Meadow on Sunday

Pretty much the same deal as yesterday for those who came along, a bit of coaching to help people get comfortable in a boat and then games.

  • When: 11am, 1pm, 3pm (18th Oct). If you’re keen for canoe polo, come along at 11am where Chris, polo captain, will be leading a group covering the basics.
  • Where: The Shed on Port Meadow. Directions can be found through this GoogleMap (https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zXRsCUnbRcI0.k_Lc5n5h9s1I)
  • How: turn up a bit before the session to nab the shiny-est kit as it will be allocated on a first come first served basis
  • What to bring: you need to bring some enthusiasm and a complete change of clothes (a towel is also very useful). For on the river, synthetic sportswear or thermal type stuff is best. Make sure you have old trainers, wetsuit boots or something similar to wear on your feet that you don’t mind getting wet. OUCKC will provide a waterproof(ish) jacket (called a cag), and all the actual kayaking equipment. If you do not bring the above then you will not be allowed out on the water. Bringing a bit of cash to get something in the pub (see below) after the session is recommended
  • Afterwards: we’ll head to the pub (Jude the Obscure on Walton St) for a hot chocolate/pint/chips where you can get to know us a bit better AND SIGN UP FOR THE FRESHERS TRIP. If you’re at one of the earlier sessions, feel free to pop back to join us in the pub at 5/5.30pm. We’ll have membership forms and committee members on hand to answer any of your questions.

*Can’t make it this time? Not to worry, just come along next week (or anytime for that matter). New people are always welcome, but we do ask you to attend a minimum of 2 sessions before signing up for trips.



  1. Freshers’ Trip Sign Up – OPENS SUNDAY

The first trip of term will be happening at the end of 3rd week (leaving 30th Oct evening, returning 1st Nov). The cost of the trip is £50 and this will cover transport, food, and bunkhouse accommodation. We’ll be heading to South Wales which has rivers to suit even those that have only just started kayaking; all we ask if for you to have attended a minimum of 2 sessions before the trip and have done a spraydeck test. Sign up will open at 6pm on Sunday (after the sessions) in Jude the Obscure, where we’ll be ready to answer questions, sign people up, and take payments (cash or cheque).


Here are a couple videos from previous trips for procrastinating purposes: https://vimeo.com/31728427 and https://vimeo.com/53890834 (not all of which were filmed on the bits of rivers we send beginners down so don’t panic when you see the waterfall!

If you have any questions, get in touch with one of our lovely trip secs – Cormac or Hannah



  1. Marathon session – Falcon Canoe Club at 7am on Friday

These are aimed at people who want to cover distances in long pointy boats. The sessions are based at Falcon Canoe Club by Donnington Bridge and therefore cost £2 to cover Falcon equipment. If you are pretty comfortable in an ordinary kayak and interested in going along, get in touch with our marathon rep, Thomas who can answer any questions and sign you up for a session.



  1. Membership

Membership fees are £35 per year for Oxford University students, and £50 for everyone else. This covers the costs of buying and maintaining all the equipment and sessions the club offers, safety stuff like insurance, and storage of your own kit if you have any. Trips and tournaments are paid for separately. We also offer termly memberships which are £20 for OU-students, and £25 for everyone else. To join the club, fill in a membership form (attached) and pidge with a cheque to Eleanor Broome at St Anne’s College. Alternatively, bring everything along to a session to hand to Eleanor. Membership (new or renewal) must be paid before the first trip (end of 3rd week).


Right, that’s all from me. See you Thursday!!


OUCKC President

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OUCKC President, 2014-2015