Hi folks,
It’s third week, the work is piling up and the Freshers’ Trip is fast approaching. Here’s the lowdown for the coming week so you can keep yourself sane with a bit of boating:

1. Social session at Mansfield Bar, 7.30pm on Thursday
Come along for drinks and a chat on Thursday in the friendly atmosphere of Mansfield bar.

2. Marathon on Friday
This session is aimed at people who want to cover distances in long pointy boats. The sessions are based at Falcon Canoe Club by Donnington Bridge and therefore cost £2 to cover Falcon equipment. If you are pretty comfortable in an ordinary kayak and interested in going along, get in touch with our marathon rep, Thomas who can answer any questions and sign you up for a session.

3. Freshers’ Trip this weekend.
For all those who are planning on coming to the best weekend of their lives, Cormac will be e-mailing out further details very soon. Get excited for some white water at the weekend!

4. Sunday Sessions Cancelled
There will be NO SUNDAY SESSIONS since our leaders will be away on the Freshers’ Trip helping you have the time of your life! They will resume next week.

5. BUCS White Water Race
19-20th November
The BUCS white water race is for anyone interested in paddling fast down moving water! It also counts as part of our Varsity match against Cambridge so we need to get together at least a men’s and women’s team of three each. You need to have some experience on white water to join, and more info can be found on the website. Let Chris know (christopher.booth@lincoln.ox.ac.uk) if you’re interested in coming!

6. Canoe polo for beginners
We have some canoe polo tournaments coming up which are suitable for all abilities including complete beginners. They are all held in warm swimming pools and we need to get some teams together so let Chris know (christopher.booth@lincoln.ox.ac.uk) if you’re interested in playing! The ladies tournament is only for ladies but the other two are open to anyone.
Saturday 5th November (4th week): South East Div 3.
Saturday 26th November (7th week): Ladies league
Saturday 3rd December (8th week): South East Div 3

That’s it from me; I hope you have a lovely week and I’ll see you soon for some boating!


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