Hello all,
Thank you so much for everyone who came on the Freshers’ Trip and helped make it such a fun experience, despite record levels of faff! Special thanks to those who helped organize and lead, your help is much appreciated.
This week, we have more fun events to stave off the stress of Oxford:
1. Thursday 7pm meal out at Jamal’s, followed by pub session at the Four Candles 9pm, including trip sign up
2. Marathon Friday morning
3. Bedford polo on Saturday CANCELLED
4. Pool session Sunday
5. Port Meadow session on Sunday

1. Thursday 7pm meal out at Jamal’s, followed by pub session at the Four Candles 9pm.
On Thursday there will be a meal out at Jamal’s in Jericho to glorify about the Freshers’ Trip and discuss future paddling exploits. Cost will be approximately £15, value will be priceless! Then we will walk to the Four Candles Pub for some pints and chat at 9pm. Feel free to join just for the pub if you can’t make it earlier. Trip sign up for the intermediate trip will open at the pub (details to follow in an e-mail from Cormac).

2. Marathon
This session is aimed at people who want to cover distances in long pointy boats. The sessions are based at Falcon Canoe Club by Donnington Bridge and therefore cost £2 to cover Falcon equipment. If you are pretty comfortable in an ordinary kayak and interested in going along, get in touch with our marathon rep, Thomas who can answer any questions and sign you up for a session.

3. There will be no polo this Saturday, unfortunately, but there are some other fixtures in future (Saturday 26th November (7th week): Ladies league
Saturday 3rd December (8th week): South East Div 3)

Let Chris Booth know if you’re interested.

4. There will be a pool session on Sunday morning from 9am-11.30am, split into two sessions, at the Brookes Sport Centre in Botley. The first session will be rolling practice and general skills, the second will be canoe polo. Cost will be £2 per session to fund our pool costs. Bring a swimming costume, t-shirt and shorts for the session, a towel and a change of clothes, and get ready for a fun splashabout.

5. Port Meadow session at 1pm and 3pm, for some fun general paddling.

That’s it from me. Hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forwards to seeing you out and about boating!


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