Week Day Date Activity Other
1 Sunday 23-Apr Port Meadow
Monday 24-Apr
Tuesday 25-Apr
Wednesday 26-Apr
Thursday 27-Apr Social Polo Evening Session
Friday 28-Apr Marathon BUCS Polo
Saturday 29-Apr BUCS Polo
2 Sunday 30-Apr Port Meadow BUCS Polo
Monday 01-May
Tuesday 02-May
Wednesday 03-May
Thursday 04-May Social
Friday 05-May Marathon
Saturday 06-May
3 Sunday 07-May Come and Try Port Meadow
Monday 08-May
Tuesday 09-May
Wednesday 10-May
Thursday 11-May Social
Friday 12-May Marathon
Saturday 13-May Varsity!
4 Sunday 14-May Port Meadow  
Monday 15-May
Tuesday 16-May
Wednesday 17-May
Thursday 18-May Social
Friday 19-May Marathon
Saturday 20-May
5 Sunday 21-May Port Meadow Canoe Polo Cuppers
Monday 22-May
Tuesday 23-May
Wednesday 24-May
Thursday 25-May Social
Friday 26-May Marathon
Saturday 27-May
6 Sunday 28-May Port Meadow Shed Clear out post paddle
Monday 29-May
Tuesday 30-May
Wednesday 31-May
Thursday 01-Jun Social
Friday 02-Jun Marathon
Saturday 03-Jun
7 Sunday 04-Jun Port Meadow Surf trip (provisional)
Monday 05-Jun
Tuesday 06-Jun
Wednesday 07-Jun
Thursday 08-Jun Social
Friday 09-Jun Marathon
Saturday 10-Jun
8 Sunday 11-Jun Port Meadow
Monday 12-Jun
Tuesday 13-Jun
Wednesday 14-Jun
Thursday 15-Jun Social End of term meal?
Friday 16-Jun Marathon
Saturday 17-Jun


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