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Taster Sessions

Flatwater taster session – 7th Oct 2023 10am-12pm

Flatwater taster session – 8th Oct 2023 10am-12pm

Flatwater taster session – 14th Oct 2023 10am-12pm

People of color taster session – 21st Oct 2023 10am-12pm

Marathon kayaking taster session – 7th Oct 2023 4pm-5.30pm

Canoe polo taster session – 4th Oct 2023 8.30pm-10pm

If you are completely new to kayaking, the flatwater taster session will be perfect for you. If you have some idea of which discipline you like, the specialised marathon and canoe polo taster sessions may be more suitable. Note that you can join up to one free taster session, so you cannot do both a flatwater and marathon taster session.

Information about each session will be released on Whatsapp and mailing list before hand.

We welcome members with any level of experience – from complete beginner to river God! Whether you are here to paddle recreationally or wish to tackle the fiercest whitewater, we will help you learn to kayak and/or improve your skills, providing advice, help, equipment, friendship and great nights out along the way!

All new members can enjoy one free taster kayaking session to any port meadow session on the term card. We are most active on the Whatsapp group chat, where new sessions will be regularly posted. For more information on how to join your first session and what to bring or expect, please read our FAQ and/or contact us.

Subsequently, you can either get a 4 month or 12 month membership that commences from the date of purchase (not the academic term/year). The membership covers the rental equipment and the cost of running the sessions. Prices of membership may be found here.

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