Welcome! The one-stop shop for all OUCKC stashes. We have two category of stashes – custom stashes and external stashes.

External stashes

These stashes are not managed by us.

Kitlocker stash for bags, hoodies and shirts.

iProsport stash for rashies without customisation.

Custom stashes

These stashes are designed by our own members. When you purchase them, all profits go to supporting the development of the club.

OUCKC stickers

£0.40p each. Collectable at Port Meadow boat shed during any sessions (ask the leaders) or Iffley pool sessions.

Towel robies

£31. Collectable at Port Meadow boat shed.

Customised Rashies

£24 for short sleeves and £28 for long sleeves. You can print your initials on the front and name on the back. They are generally run once a year (keep a look out on the mailing list and whatsapp).