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Quiz Night

On Thursday 29th January OUCKC launched their fundraising bid for the new shed with a quiz night. Organised by Helen Tatlow and Hannah Theaker, quizmaster extraordinaire was Jonathan Foxwell. Over £100 was raised during an enjoyable experience at St Anne’s MCR.


Questions ranged from the bizarre: What item was recently sold on ebay, described as having been covered in all bodily fluids imaginable? To pictures where a number of challenging dingbats formed one round.

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9 reasons why you need to attend the OUCKC Quiz Night Thursday 29th January, St Anne’s MCR, 7.45pm!


9 reasons why you need to attend the OUCKC Quiz Night

Thursday 29th JANUARY , 2nd Week, 7.45pm, St Anne’s MCR, £3 entry per person, BYOB, (+money for raffle tickets), everyone is welcome to come.  There’ll be people to meet you outside Anne’s/ the MCR so you don’t get lost.

1. Epic series of quality quiz questions hosted by former University Challenge competitor questionmaster
2. BYOB, as much (or as little) as you want
3. Chance to win £25 with the One Hundred Club (or in this case Fifty Club…) (everyone puts in £1, and is given a number. Lucky number wins £25, half the money, and half goes towards fundraising efforts)
4. Chance to win epic prizes such as FREE BEANS (coffee beans), food vouchers from local restaurants/cafes like Pret, £50 Oxford University Sports Shop vouchers, in our bumper Hilary Term raffle (draw nearer the end of term- more prizes to be announced soon)
5. Bond with your friends through a merry evening of drinking and quizzing, max 5 per team please
6. Win a mystery prize as a team in reward for your exceptional combined intelligence and knowledge (alcoholic likely)
7. Visit St Anne’s MCR! A sought after and exotic location
8. Cheap predrinks with the added bonus of prize winning potential; the ideal prelude to an evening at Bridge
9. Support OUCKC in raising some pennies towards keeping The Shed

Current members of OUCKC; it would be really great to see you come and show your support for the club, even if you’ve only been to one Sunday session, or even none, we’d love to see you and welcome you to the club! Come and have a chat about upcoming trips and events, and get to know some more people.

Facebook event:


Christmas Dinner


On Thursday 27th November 2014 we had our annual Christmas Dinner, this year it was held at the University Club. We had fun. Prizes were awarded.




1st week


It was great to see so many of you out on the water on Sunday, and a big thank you to all the existing members for coming and helping out. Here are this week’s notices:

  1. Membership
  2. Thursday Drinks (Keble 8.30pm)
  3. Sunday sessions (1pm and 3pm at “The Shed”)
  4. Marathon and canoe polo lists
  5. Facebook group
  6. Freshers’ Trip (end of 3rd week)
  7. Women’s Canoe Polo


  1. Membership

Membership for this academic year is now due. The cost of membership is £35 for the year, or £18 for one term. Please fill in a membership form (available here: and pidge it along with a cheque to Matthew Coulson (Queens’). Please note that you must be a fully paid up member (and have done a spraydeck test) in order to come on ANY club trip (this includes people who are going away this weekend).

Please note that if you haven’t come along to a session yet, you are free to come and give kayaking a go before you commit to membership.


  1. Thursday Drinks (Keble 8.30pm)

Come along to get to know everyone a bit better and ask lots of questions. It also provides a perfect opportunity to pay membership if you’d prefer to do it by cash rather than cheque.


  1. Sunday sessions (1pm and 3pm at “The Shed”)

Same as last week, much fun to be had in kayaks for both experienced paddlers and complete novices. Remember that you MUST bring a complete change of clothes (including old trainers or similar to wear on the river) and a towel. It is highly recommended that you bring a bit of cash along so that you can warm up in the pub (Jude the Obscure) after the session.

Please fill in this DoodlePoll so that Matt and Alana know how many people to expect: . Please be aware that a number of the leaders are away at either the BCU Student Safety Seminar or at the ULU Paddlington Canoe Polo tournament so the numbers might be a bit more restricted, arrive early to avoid disappointment. Details of how to find the shed are available here:


  1. Marathon and canoe polo lists

Please be aware that there are dedicated marathon and canoe polo mailing lists, details of how to join them are located at the bottom of this email. Marathon training is on Fridays at 7am and you must speak to Thomas Leissing before attending. Canoe Polo training is on Sunday mornings at 11am (apart from when there are tournaments on), with other training on an ad hoc basis advertised through the lists and Facebook group.


  1. Facebook group

A space for kayaking related chat, and unofficial kayaking and pub trips to be arranged. Join to keep up with the latest funny videos and the suchlike:


  1. Freshers’ Trip (end of 3rd week)

Put the date in your diary to make sure that you are free for this fun-filled kayaking weekend. We’ll be headed to South Wales where there will be a variety of flat and white water kayaking options to suit all ability levels. The plan is to leave on Friday evening (31st Oct) and come back on Sunday evening (2nd Nov), staying in a bunkhouse. Expected cost is £45 which will cover all transport, accommodation, kayaking equipment and food.

Plans and costs are being finalised. If you have a car and are willing to drive, please let Bryn know ASAP. If you are a competent leader on either flat or moving water and can attend the trip, also let Bryn know. If you are a beginner/new person, you don’t need to do anything yet.


  1. Women’s Canoe Polo

If you’re a female interested in canoe polo, then you’ll be pleased to hear that this year there is a Ladies Div 2/ Development league for the first time as a way to encourage more women to play. If you are interested in taking part, send an email to Sophie Louth. The first tournament is on the afternoon/evening of the 25th October (end of 2nd week). All the games will be played in a nice warm swimming pool. There are around 4 more over the rest of the academic year. No previous kayaking or canoe polo experience are necessary to get involved, just enthusiasm and a willingness to give it a go.


As always, please check the rest of the website for more details but if you can’t find something on there then drop me an email.

See you all soon!


OUCKC President

Welcome (back)!!


I hope that everyone had a great summer, welcome back! Here is the first (rather large) set of notices for this term:
1. Updates of some summer changes…
2. Welcome Drinks: Teddy Hall Bar @ 8.30pm Thursday
3. Come and Try It sessions on Sunday
4. BCU Student Safety Seminar (18/19th October)
5. ULU Paddlington Canoe Polo Tournament (18/19th October)
6. Marathon training: contact Thomas Leissing
7. Calling all minibus drivers…
8. Any questions?
1. Updates of some summer changes…
Some exciting things have happened over the summer. We now have a Facebook group ( to share amusing kayaking related clips, keep up to date with events, and announce last minute unofficial pub and paddling trips.
Also, instead of waiting for my weekly email…all this term’s events (kayaking and socials) should now be up on the Google Calendar on the website. Check for dates/details of all the amazing Michaelmas events: Freshers’ Weekend Trip, Freshers’ Curry, Sunday sessions, Canoe Polo Training and much much more… 
2. Welcome Drinks: Teddy Hall Bar @ 8.30pm Thursday
Title says it all really. If you have stash, try and wear it so that new people can recognise us easily. Failing that, bring carrots.
3. Come and Try It sessions on Sunday
Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or you don’t know a paddle from a punt pole, come along to a session on Sunday to come and get to know the kayaking club a little better.
Who: Everyone is welcome! This is the perfect chance to give kayaking a go, or persuade friends to come along
What: A bunch of kayak based games
When: Sunday 11am, 1pm, 3pm (prompt)
Where: “The Shed”, Port Meadow. Directions can be found here. If you’re worried your navigational skills aren’t quite up to scratch, then meet outside the Eagle and Child half an hour before the sessions (i.e. 10.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm) and a friendly face will walk you over to the shed
What to bring: a complete change of clothes and a towel. Please note that you MUST wear a pair of old trainers or similar on the water (flip flops aren’t appropriate as they get sucked up by the bottomless mud on the riverbed).
To give us an idea of numbers for each session…please state which session(s) you’re coming to here: .
If everyone that knows their way around the shed could help to give out BAs and helmets and make sure that kit gets put back in the right place then that would be a massive massive help to the leaders. The shed got a good cleaning/ tidying over the summer and it’d be fab to keep it looking lovely.
4. BCU Student Safety Seminar (18/19th October)
A really really useful weekend for anyone with any responsibility in the club (leader, committee, etc) or anyone who’d like to take on coaching or organisational roles in the future. This is a course organised by the British Canoe Union (BCU) specifically aimed for students in University clubs. Details of the actual course can be found here: It is probably the best and cheapest way to get some qualifications (e.g. Foundation Safety and Rescue) and get to know a bunch of other friendly university kayakers.
Helen (Women’s Captain), our super womens’ captain, is organising this one so please email her to sign up ASAP. The cost of the weekend will be ~£65 which includes the course fee, accommodation, and transport. 
5. ULU Paddlington Canoe Polo Tournament (18/19th October)
There are still a couple of places on the canoe polo team for the ULU Paddlington tournament. If you are interested, please email Chris (Polo and Mens’ Captain).
6. Marathon training: contact Thomas Leissing
Thomas (Marathon Rep) is currently in the process of setting up a formal agreement with Falcon (one of the town canoe clubs) to arrange marathon training for OUCKC members. Sessions currently run at 7am on Friday mornings and cost £2. If you are a club member, interested in giving marathon a go, and are fairly competent in a boat (i.e. can comfortably go in a straight line without falling in) then email Thomas to sign up to this week’s session.
7. Calling all minibus drivers…
If you are a University approved minibus driver and are potentially keen to help out with driving on club trips then please email our Secretary Matt so that he can update the lists. Even if you did the minibus test for a different club but might be persuadable to drive for the kayakers, please let Matt know.
8. Any questions?
Please do check out the rest of the website and if you can’t find the details you want on there then feel free to drop me (or the other committee folk) an email.
That’s about all for now…see/meet you all soon!!
OUCKC President
Please note that email addresses are not included in this post to avoid the committee getting a load of spam. You can find the email addresses in the original email, or on the committee section of the website.